Why choose Rise Dispensary?

Rise Dispensary is Queensland’s most trusted clinic for alternative prescription medicines. If you've tried everything to relieve your symptoms and nothing seems to help, give Rise Dispensary a try.

Qualified Specialists

When you’re seeking the best healthcare and advice from experienced professionals, Rise Dispensary is here to help. Our medically responsible, TGA pre-approved doctors have been working in this exciting and emerging field for several years. We are constantly broadening our awareness as new insights emerge and scientific studies are published. In Australia, you won’t find a more experienced or knowledgeable team in the field of alternative prescription medicines.

Personalised Treatment

Have you been searching for compassionate and non-judgemental care from a team who really understands your needs? Every Rise Dispensary patient receives confidential, face-to-face assessment and consultation (or via Telehealth if interstate or if mobility is an issue). Our supportive, caring staff will explain all of your options to you, so together we can develop a customised treatment plan. Our expert doctors and on-site pharmacists will ensure you know how to take the right dose at the right times, with follow-up assessments to ensure the treatment is working well for you.

Convenient Process

Did you know that 99% of Rise Dispensary patients start treatment on the day of their first appointment? That’s because our doctors are TGA pre-approved to prescribe to patients with eligible conditions. Our location features easy ground floor access for patients with mobility concerns. Rise Dispensary has prescribing doctors and an on-site pharmacy, making us a convenient, one stop location for diagnosis, prescription, treatment, and support. The best way to start your Rise journey is to check your eligibility for treatment.

In-house Dispensary

If you already have a doctor and diagnosis, Rise Dispensary can fulfill your script. Simply upload a picture of your prescription, TGA approval and contact details and our team of pharmacists will process your order. As we hold most of the common treatments in stock, we can usually dispense for delivery or pickup the same day you place your order.

Becoming a Rise Patient

Our patients must meet certain eligibility criteria set by the TGA. Take the quick, confidential, online Q and A to see if our ground-breaking medicines could help improve your life experience.

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