Dr Michael (Mike) Szalay

Dr Michael (Mike) Szalay

Alternative Prescription Medicines Specialist GP

Dr. Michael Szalay is a General Practitioner specialising in alternative prescription medicines at Rise Dispensary, where he focuses on treating anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. In addition to his work at Rise, Dr. Szalay also serves as a GP and a specialist for skin cancer patients.

Dr. Szalay values his role at Rise Dispensary because of the team’s shared commitment to improving patients’ quality of life. He finds fulfillment in helping those who have not responded to traditional treatments discover effective, natural solutions.

Beginning his career as a GP in 1990, Dr. Szalay transitioned to cosmetic medicine in 1998, and expanded his practice to include cosmetic surgery in 2003. He remained a sought-after practitioner in these fields until mid-2024, when he decided to shift his focus to alternative prescription medicines. Dr. Szalay had observed many patients struggled with managing pain and insomnia using conventional medications such as narcotics and sleeping pills. This motivated him to explore the potential of alternative prescription medicines as a viable alternative.

Alternative prescription medicines have proven beneficial for many patients, helping them manage symptoms of their illness more effectively. Dr. Szalay hopes to help patients reduce the side effects of their current medications by incorporating alternative medicines into their treatment plans.

The most rewarding aspect of Dr. Szalay’s work is helping Rise patients control symptoms that have been unresponsive to other treatments, reducing their medication burden, and enhancing their quality of life.

Dr. Szalay states, “There has been a lot of research about the endocannabinoid system in the body. This type of treatment has been underutilised until now. We have discovered it can be very helpful for a number of people for whom other medicines aren’t working. If alternative prescription medicines can help them reduce their pain, sleep better, or feel less anxious, that’s a good thing.”

Outside of his professional commitments, Dr. Szalay enjoys hiking in nature, spending quality time with his sons, and cheering for his favourite Formula One drivers.

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