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    I have been seeing the patient as usual practitioner for at least the past 3 months.

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    Other available conventional treatment options have been used previously.

    Previous treatment outcomes:

    Qualifying medical conditions
    Alzheimer's DiseaseAnorexiaAnxietyADHDASDCachexiaCancer symptom managementCancer-related painChemotherapy-induced nausea / vomitingChronic non-cancer painCrohn's diseaseDementiaDepressionEndometriosisEpilepsyInflammatory bowel disease (IBD)InsomniaIrritable bowel syndrome (IBS)Mood disorderMultiple sclerosis (MS)Neuropathic painOsteoarthritisPalliative careParkinson's diseasePTSDSeizure managementSleep disorderSpasticitySpasticity-associated painOther

    Please specify other

    Warning signs
    NilSuicide attempt/sSuicidal ideas / intentsDrug dependence / Substance abuseSevere COPD / Asthma

    Contraindications (Please do not refer a patient if a contraindications is ticked or if contraindications are ticked)

    Current or history of:
    NilSchizophreniaAcute psychosisUnstable severe bipolarMyocardial infarction
    NilUnstable anginaAngina pectorisPregnancy / BreastfeedingPlans for imminent pregnancy

    Symptoms management strategies so far
    Non-opioid AnalgesicsNSAIDsOpioid analgesicsSurgical intervention/sUS-Guided injection/sCT-Guided injections/sNerve pain agentsAnti-depressantsAnxiolyticsSleeping agentsPsychotherapy / CBTOther

    Please specify other

    Specialist/s involved
    NilOrthopaedic / Spinal surgeonPain specialistNeurologistOncologistPsychiatristGastroenterologistSleep PhysicianGynaecologistOther

    Please specify other

    Allied Health Providers involved
    NilPhysiotherapistChiropractorExercise PhysiologistOccupational TherapistPodiatristDieticianPsychologistOther

    Please specify other

    Patient currently / has been previously using cannabis.


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