Dr. Shahram Kardooni

Dr. Shahram Kardooni

Alternative Prescription Medicine Specialist 

Dr. Kardooni is an Alternative Prescription Medicine Specialist General Practitioner with Rise Dispensary. Approved for more than thirty medical conditions, Dr. Kardooni is able to work with alternative prescription medicines to identify the most effective treatment for the specific needs of his patients.

Dr. Kardooni finds it extremely rewarding to assist a patient in regaining the ability to appreciate life. Some of his patients return after living 20 years of being unable to sleep well, and are now sleeping soundly, while others are gardening, riding their bicycles, and playing sports with their children again after previously being limited by chronic pain – it is life-changing.

Dr. Kardooni appreciates the relaxed, caring environment at Rise Dispensary. He enjoys working with a very good team, which he finds to be a great support for the patients and the doctors. He likes that at Rise, people feel at ease and are treated with more care and respect than in other places. Dr. Kardooni says the atmosphere is more akin to that of a welcoming family than a rigid, strict medical centre.

Dr. Kardooni has witnessed a number of patients convert to Rise Dispensary, particularly from online clinics. They appreciate the individualised service, where they can speak one on one with a doctor who listens and cares. Together, they develop a relationship in which the doctors are aware of their patients’ past and the current events in their lives, allowing them to better support them on their wellness journey.

Prior to joining the Rise Dispensary team, Dr. Kardooni worked as a doctor in hospitals and then in his own private practice overseas as a General Practitioner, before moving to Australia where he continued working in a general practice. Dr. Kardooni was introduced to the alternative prescription medicine field by Rise Clinical Consultant Pharmacist Andrew Pfeffer and Pharmacist Lachlan Foord. After a clinical trial where Dr. Kardooni saw the excellent results people were having and the positive impact it had on their lives, he knew he wanted to continue his work in this area with Rise Dispensary.

Dr. Kardooni has explored research in public health and neuroscience, and one of his QUT graduate design projects was selected as preferred design and presented to members of the Royal Family.

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