Rise UP

Your medicine, your way.

Have you developed a high tolerance or aversion to your current medication? Struggled to fill a script due to availability or affordability? Or would you simply like a wider variety of product types to choose from when filling a prescription?

It’s time you Rise UP!

Rise UP is a special program tailored to the needs of long term or complex Medicinal Cannabis patients. The program solves the common problems with the current system where you’re prescribed a specific product from a specific supplier. If you have been receiving treatment for six weeks or more, your condition is multifaceted, or you need several scripts each month, this is definitely the program for you.

Rise UP above it all!

1. Unavailability

Cannabis is a plant that takes time to grow, and in Australia, the popularity of this medicine is growing swiftly too. That means sometimes specific prescriptions can’t be filled, as we are faced with supply shortages on certain products. Rise UP allows you to choose a safe alternative to your usual medicine should it be out of stock.

2. Tolerance

As is the case with many prescription medicines, after prolonged use, the effectiveness of your medication can decrease due to your body developing a tolerance. One way to avoid increasing your dose to achieve the same result, is to switch to a different product from a different supplier.

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3. Flavour

All Medicinal Cannabis products have their own unique flavours. Sometimes a patient can find a product distasteful, or after time you can no longer bear the taste of the product you’re prescribed. Rise UP makes it easy and safe to change to a different product and find the flavour you like, without the need to revisit the doctor to request a change to your prescription first.

4. Affordability

Medicinal Cannabis is not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and comes at a cost. Additionally, suppliers occasionally run promotions on their products.

Rise UP allows you to choose a cheaper option if and when you need to, or the flexibility to try something more expensive and boutique.

Flexibility & Freedom to Choose

Rise UP provides greater flexibility and safety for patients when it comes to choosing the right medicine at Rise Dispensary.

Under the current system, should you wish to change your prescription in any way, you need to see your doctor first. However, in an emergency, your doctor may not be immediately available to see you.

Rise UP eliminates the need to book an appointment with your doctor should you face any issues around tolerance, availability, flavour, or affordability. Rise Dispensary’s expert pharmacists can offer great advice on suitable products for your needs.

How does Rise UP work?

During your consultation, your doctor will develop a custom treatment plan for you to follow. You’ll be provided with a new script which will:

Rise Customised
Describe your dose requirements instead of specifying an exact product.
Rise Checklist
Provide flexibility to choose from medicines that fit your dose parameters.
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Remain valid for up to three months at a time, reducing appointment frequency.

Unless you need to see your doctor sooner, toward the end of each three-month period, you’ll come in for your next Rise UP Review.

During this appointment, you and your doctor can discuss which products worked best for you. Your doctor can also take this opportunity to amend your treatment plan, and therefore your scripts if needed.

At the end of your review your doctor will supply you with a printed copy of your custom treatment plan and any script/s to cover you until your next review. Our doctors get busy, and we want to be sure to fit you in before your script expires, so before you leave, our friendly team will book you in for your next Rise UP Review.

Due to a Rise UP Reviews’ complexity, it does cost a little more than a regular review, however many of our long-term patients will find they save money as they see the Doctor less frequently. They also enjoy the flexibility of finding the regimen that meets their unique treatment needs.

Regular Review with Your Doctor $100 per appointment.

Prefer to check in more frequently?

Of course, if you have an emergency, or would like to adjust your booking to see your doctor sooner than the three-month mark, just get in touch and we will fit you in on the next available appointment.

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